Northern Ireland

Had a look at the Northern Ireland section of the BBC news today – always guaranteed to spoil your day.

  • Bodies ‘filled road’ after bomb. ‘A police officer has told the Omagh trial that bodies, including that of a baby girl, littered the street after the 1998 explosion. […] Another officer, Constable Alan Palmer, told the court he found it difficult “to take in the carnage he witnessed”.’
  • Feud children ‘speak of suicide’. ‘Some primary schools pupils affected by a loyalist feud feel “life is not worth living”, a leading Belfast principal has said. […] One school in the lower Shankill area lost about 50 pupils at the time of the feud, which involved former UDA paramilitary Johnny Adair. […] Ms Orr, who last month addressed the Labour Party conference in Manchester, said a number of pupils every year since 2000 had told her that they feel life is not worth living. “There is something seriously wrong when primary pupils are talking about suicide,” she told the Belfast Telegraph newspaper.’

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