UK-USA relations

Interesting stuff happening, perhaps?

According to the Times, the relationship between Bush and Blair is a tad one-sided. (Big shock.) Kendall Myers, a senior State Department analyst, is quoted there as saying, “it was a onesided relationship that was entered into with open eyes… there was nothing. There was no payback, no sense of reciprocity.”

What doesn’t seemed to have hit the news yet is that “the United States will cease operations at two military housing sites in the United Kingdom” (from the official website of the US Department of Defence, found via Cryptome). Nothing too exciting there, except that 24 of the affected housing units supported RAF Menwith Hill – the home of the NSA in the UK. There’s a long history of cooperation between GCHQ and NSA, so any shipping of people could be significant.

Could mean many things, for instance simply that the Brits are looking after the NSA folk themselves now, i.e. perhaps it’s just the support staff who are leaving. Or perhaps it means that NSA folk are shipping out of the UK? Interested to know what’s going on…


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