Why Do People Get Ill?

Darian Leader and David Corfield have a book coming out shortly. Synopsis from Amazon:

Have you ever wondered why people get ill when they do? How does the mind affect the body? Why does modern medicine seem to have so little interest in the unconscious processes that can make us fall ill? And what, if anything, can we do about it? “Why Do People Get Ill?” lucidly explores the relationship between our minds and our bodies. Containing remarkable case studies, cutting-edge research and startling new insights into why we fall ill, this intriguing and thought-provoking book should be read by anyone who cares about their own health and that of other people.

Sounds good.  I’ve read Towards a Philosophy of Real Mathematics by Corfield and Why do women write more letters than they post by Leader, both of which I’d recommend.  I disagreed with much of the latter, but love the overall philosophy of the book:

In this book I have tried both to address an audience well beyond the confines of the university and to make a large number of mistakes.  After all, in the early and exciting texts of psychoanalysis, curious knowledge and theory rub shoulders with ideas that today we may often find slightly ridiculous.  Hence the abundance of generalisations to be found here: if many of them appear doubtful, they at least serve to invite refutation and criticism.  When they are wrong, they can be replaced by other ideas and that way the ball keeps rolling.

I have tried to pose as many questions as possible in this book… Some of them find tentative answers and others don’t, but it seems to me that posing the right questions is more important than finding solutions.

See blog for the new book over here.


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