Everything really is going to be fine

“There’s nothing anarchist or Marxist about letting the ruling classes take over the distribution of analysis and intellectual content. I hear this complete rubbish about people saying getting a degree makes you middle class. That attitude makes me sick. Every working class person, every Marxist and every anarchist should seek to further their education as far as they possibly can. If you don’t think higher education is for you, make sure you support those who really want to. We live in a new age now, strikes aren’t the most effective way of changing things no matter what you think. We need to move out of the stupid idea that associating with the establishment: the media, politics, intellectualism is somehow not anarchist. The establishment have you EXACTLY where they want you and you think you’re obeying your principles. The media is right-wing. Get in there and fight it. Politics is right-wing. Get in there and fight it. Intellectualism is held by the middle and ruling class. Get in there and take it the fuck back.”

This from the blog of the delightfully named Class War Youth Death Brigade(!).  (The comments weren’t all appreciative.) Isn’t it great what you find on Google?


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