A non-judgmental reconstruction of drunken logic

Simmons (2007) makes a helpful contribution to the logical modelling of real arguments by an addition of the shot glass modality to intuitionist logic.  A snippet:

Per Per Martin-Löf [7], something is true when witnessed by an object of knowledge, which lends itself to an obvious question of whether the truth of a proposition can be obviated by the presence of alcohol, seeing as alcohol has an clearly negative impact on one’s knowledge [1]. The possibility of the analytical truth of a proposition becoming questionable under the influence is also evidenced by discussion as to whether conference submissions that can be understood while drunk are novel enough to be worth accepting.

I think the following inference rule which I discovered while living in the homeland of Martin-Löf still requires further investigation:

\frac{\Gamma \vdash A\mathit{, right?}}{\Gamma \vdash A}


Robert J. Simmons.  A non-judgmental reconstruction of drunken logic.  Presented at SIGBOVIK 2007, April 1, 2007. Winner of the Best Paper raffle. [PDF]



  1. Robert Simmons

    I would by all means encourage you to submit to SIGBOVIK 2009! Such a thing might also tie into Canadian Assertion Logic:

    G |- Eh?

    (I have a Google Blogs search on my name – mostly it pulls up articles about the CFO of E-Trade, but occasionally good stuff like this comes up…)

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