Famous living European behavioural and brain science people

Here’s a list of folk I reckon are famous.  Have I missed anyone obvious?



  1. irrationalpoint

    I thought of Stephen Pinker and Oliver Sacks. Perhaps not such an inspired or comprehensive list as yours, but perhaps somewhat reflective of my academic lineage (and, it must be said, of my tendency to occasionally curl up with pop-science-y book on a Sunday afternoon, read a chapter, and remember why I didn’t study psychology…).


    • Andy

      Steven Pinker is a Canadian-American, though I think we should ask Canada to join Europe :-)

      I’d forgotten about Oliver Sacks. I didn’t think he is British, but he is, so definitely another possibility for the Euro behavioural and brain science people list. I have to say he makes me think more popsci than cogsci :-)

  2. irrationalpoint

    Sorry, that was more dismissive than I intended. In fact, I do a fair amount of cognitive science, so I was really kidding around about the context in which I enjoy psychology. But the realised you probably wouldn’t be able to fill that in from my post. Apologies.


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