HM Treasury Management team

Some info over at the HM Treasury website.

  • Sir Nicholas Macpherson. senior British civil servant, serving as the Permanent Secretary to the Treasury since August 2005. His objectives for 2014/15 include supporting “Ministers in their objective of  keeping Scotland within the UK, informing  the debate with clear, rigorous and accurate  analysis”. Strongly against currency union in event of independent Scotland.
  • Sharon White. BA Hons Economics from Fitzwilliam College, Cambridge and an MSc in Economics from UCL. “I got interested in welfare reform and did a stint at the British embassy in Washington analysing US welfare reform and then worked as an adviser on the same subject at the Downing Street policy unit after the 1997 election”
  • John Kingman. Mathematical statistician. Uncompleted PhD in queuing theory. Publications in stats. Friends with Robert Peston who is in his own words “economics editor for the BBC, allegedly” and according to Daily Fail “TV face of the credit crunch”
  • Mark Bowman. Not much obvious info out there – spent a lot of time with Gordon Brown. Knows about Swift.
  • Dave Ramsden. Fan of “fiscal credibility”. Trustee of Pro-Bono Economics, who “provide charities with a free service: the expertise of economists to help them answer questions about measurement, results, impact and value”
  • Charles Roxburgh. Read Classics and has an MBA. Was at McKinsey and Co for 26 years.
  • Indra Morris. PPE Oxford. Spent 9 years at Accenture. Various work in civil service around work and pensions and social security.

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