In 1962, John F. Kennedy announces that “We choose to go the moon.” Seen as wonderful and achievable, even though JFK didn’t have the required knowledge and expertise to make it happen himself.

Zoom forward to the 21st century: the Green Party proposes that everyone should have a living wage and that we should strive for equality; that it’s unfair that a small minority of people whose job it is to move numbers between bank accounts should claim ownership of most of the world’s resources and that we need to and can change this. This is considered hopelessly utopian. How are they going to achieve that, people complain, their policies don’t spell out the details.

What’s going on? I’m too thick to grasp why the first is reasonable but the second irrational.



  1. Emmy

    I voted Green Party (in my own country; I realize it’s not the same one as UK) but with great reluctance. For one thing, they need more specifics. L:anding on the moon is one goal. And I’m sorry, but they just aren’t slick enough. Maybe they don’t need millions of dollars but come on, your website looks more slick than theirs. And the video – doodling, really? It’s way more effective just to have someone talking to the camera. Our “Green-Rainbow” party’s website was even worse. It’s all about communication. If you want to talk humans landing on the moon, look at how polished NASA’s website looks. You want to have confidence that the person in charge is going to be organized enough to get the job done with few resources. It can’t be sloppy.

    • Andy

      Thanks for the comment! It was NASA who got Americans to the moon, not Kennedy. The key thing there was to have a vision and to fund the right people to get the job done. So I don’t see why the Greens need to have a slick website to find the right social scientists, economists, whoever, to help us move closer to socialist goals.

  2. Emmy

    Well, your’re right of course it’s not just about websites. But they have to do something , don’t they? I don’t think Jill Stein even got 3 percent of the vote! What do you think is going wrong? I mean obviously big money, but image is huge. Jill Stein was way too on edge when she spoke, I was nervous just watching her. Another Green candidate did incredible stuff in the debates, but now they aren’t even allowed in because they’re not popular. You have to sell it. And if you want a laugh, check out the Vermont Govenor’s debate (you’re welcome) do you think ANY of those candidates will get elected? They became the punch line on Late Night tv this week.

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