Mental healthcare funding in England

Probability of a useful reply low — but let’s see what comes back…

Sent: 04 January 2015 14:22
Subject: Mental heath budget decision responsibility and advisors


Blame for insufficient mental healthcare budgets has been passed around between DH, NHSE, and CCGs, however, the source of funding is the Treasury. Could you please send a summary of the people responsible for decisions made in relation to mental health budgets and who advises them (I’m interested in substantive causal responsibility rather than bureaucratic responsibility). For example, are any of these members of the management team responsible for mental health budgetary advice?

Sir Nicholas Macpherson
Sharon White
John Kingman
Mark Bowman
Dave Ramsden
Charles Roxburgh
Indra Morris

Also what documentation exists on decisions made (at Treasury level or above) in relation to mental healthcare, for instance concerning Improving Access to Psychological Therapies, inpatient beds, Payment by Results/Payment Systems, and questions around the involvement of the “third sector”.

I’d be grateful for any information.

Best wishes,



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