Another open letter to Treasury

Dear Glenda Jackson,

Thank you very much for writing to Treasury on my behalf and forwarding on the reply from Mr Danny Alexander.

I specifically asked who, at Treasury level and above, is responsible for budget decisions in relation to mental health. The reply, Ministers and Civil Servants, though true, does not answer my question. Is Mr Alexander claiming (by omission) that Sir Nicholas Macpherson, Sharon White, John Kingman, Mark Bowman, Dave Ramsden, Charles Roxburgh, and Indra Morris are not involved. Does Mr Alexander take any responsibility for the budget decisions? Can he not name the senior Civil Servants (and others?) responsible for the analyses?

I also asked for documentation on the rationale behind decisions Рany decisions. Let me be more specific in this letter: how was the figure of £1.25bn, recently identified for child mental health, calculated?

Yours sincerely,

Andy Fugard


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